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Руководство к Началу Успешной Творческой Карьеры

Как Пробиться в Творческую Индустрию и Какие Правила Соблюдать, Чтобы Добиться Успеха
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"Helpful and insightful"

Paper Written by a
Recent Graduate Turned Award-Winning Art Director
Andrew Reutsky

It's an age-old belief that creative careers are unreliable.
What if there was a way to help young creatives land a good job?

Research shows that an aspiring creative professional (i.e. writer, designer, editor) can secure a stable, well-paying job by following three straightforward, actionable steps.

As Explored in The Paper

Three-Step Guide
to Starting a Successful
Creative Career


Prepare for an Internship

Resume, Portfolio
There is consensus in the creative industry:  a college degree, unaccompanied by a strong portfolio, is useless.


Find the Internship

Interview, The First Job Offer
In addition to sharing what you have to offer, understanding what the employer needs is essential to securing a job, as the two are pieces of the same puzzle.


Connect the Internship with Permanent Employment

Internship Without Permanent Employment, Why Hire You
Understand that not only the interns are interested in obtaining their work placements, but also the employers.

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The First of Its Kind

Backed by science, the paper has been created in consultation with anticipated graduates and supported with insights from more than 30 successful creative professionals.

"I wish I read this when I was first starting out"


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“Alone we can do do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

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